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Candace is phenomenal. Before working with her I had designers who could only create exactly what you gave them and it often lacking creativity or marketing know how. Which created a lot of extra work for me. Working with Candace was a breeze. She is savvy in marketing, branding, social media, videography to name just a few. On the Kira’s project, I was able to lean on her for not just branding and website design but found myself relying heavily on them for marketing and business strategy. She doesn’t just do OK work in a lot of different areas like many designers, but she creates high-quality timeless designs and branding that have a lifetime of marketing and business knowledge behind them so every aspect is in sync, high converting, and strategic.
— Ayries Blanck, Founder of Discover Muse
Candace is well versed in various softwares and design disciplines. She is detail-oriented, thorough, and makes extremely clever design decisions. Her methods, aesthetic choices, and solutions are always well thought out. Her organizational skills and attention to detail is impeccable, and her work is exceptional. Candace is also an incredible team member. She works hard not only on her craft but in personal development. She is a fast-learner, observant, and adaptive. She goes above and beyond, learning not only the culture of the company, but the nuances and dynamics of each department and team member. She is a team-player through and through, and always strives to set her team up for success.
— Niecey Chong, Designer at Honest
Candace is one of the most talented, ambitious and dedicated designers I have had the pleasure to work with and learn from. She not only delivers exceptional work, but inspires others around her to continually grow and develop. Candace was mainly responsible for the retail segment of the business at Honest where she developed an online toolkit that helped create design cohesion and consistency between all types of retail partners. The best part about Candace? She is multi-faceted in her skill sets and extends way beyond just print/retail design. She is capable of all things digital and can not only design to wire frames, but can also code and develop an entire website.  I would highly recommend Candace to any company because of her desire to learn and her ability to deliver top-class design.
— Justin Mersinger, Producer
I first had Candace in my Computer Art class in 2011 and I continue to talk with her today. I have taught thousands of students over my 20 year career at SCAD and most I don’t remember. But, I remember her. She had intense passion to go along with her excellent 2D and 3D work. She is basically the 1% of SCAD. She is driven yet polite; Passionate about her work yet willing to accept constructive feedback. 
— Dave Kaul, Professor at SCAD
Candace is a stellar multimedia designer who can easily navigate between mediums in order to create quality, original work. Her technical design skills are excellent and she is extremely thoughtful of each project that gets assigned to her, crafting the best creative solution utilizing her toolkit of knowledge in design. She puts a lot of time and effort into every project, is always professional in how she presents her work and goes above and beyond by helping develop better organizational systems. She is constantly creating best practices that help make designing more efficient for herself, and in turn, her colleagues and organization.
— Queenie Hilfer, Producer
Candace is a savvy designer with a great sense of what the client needs. She has an amazing work ethic, very easy to work with, and friendly personality. She has been a great asset to Innovative Technology Solutions. Our website was lacking the necessary look and feel to effectively reach our clientele. Her knowledge and effective use of design set her apart. No matter your business venture, Candace poses the skills to make your online presence far surpass that of your competitions. I highly recommend her for any design related projects. I look forward to continuing our work together. 
— Lorenzo Giles, Founder of Innovative Technology Solutions
Candace has a keen eye for retail design. I had the pleasure of partnering with her on many retail design projects and she continually impressed me with her skills across mediums and her attention to detail. Her work to develop a digital retail design resource increased efficiency cross functionally and created consistency in the marketplace. Challenging projects motivate Candace; she is a solution oriented designer who showcases her passion for design in all of her work.
— Lindsey Goldstein, Director of Retail at Behr
Candace has a tremendous sense of great design and holds herself the highest standard of quality. She is very talented and dedicated to her career. 
— Stephen Vlahos, Founder of Bellhops
Candace was very instrumental in creating a functional and beautifully designed website for my newly opened tutoring company. I gave her very little to work with (company colors and services offered), and she created a website that communicates exactly what I wanted to my clients. She took professional photos for my website that made me seem relatable to my students and their parents. All of this was also completed in a timely manner. I have recommended her to my clients for their web design needs and will continue to do so.
— Grace Peil, Founder at Student Society

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